Reyes Romo: Ralph Palacios & other pasadena police beat up a man who called them

Reyes Romo: Ralph Palacios & other pasadena police

Reyes Romo, a Pasadena resident, is alleging police brutality after an incident where officers reportedly used excessive force during the recovery of his wife’s stolen car.

Romo claims he contacted police after finding his wife’s car and informed them he and his uncle, a felon, were present at the scene.

He states he urged officers to focus on the car’s recovery, reiterating it was the reason for his call.

However, he alleges that upon identifying himself as the car’s owner, he was immediately apprehended by two or three officers.

Despite explaining the situation and his prior police report, Romo recounts being pinned to the ground while handcuffed. He further alleges that Officer Martinez attempted to break his pinky finger and Officer Palacios slammed him to the ground during the altercation.

The Pasadena Police Department has yet to issue an official statement regarding the incident.

Romo’s claims raise concerns about potential excessive force and highlight the need for a thorough investigation to determine the events that transpired.

Read his statement below

“My wife’s car was stolen and I found it . Upon the arrival of about 3 squad cars and 2 other ones after . I was digging inside of the car and my uncle who is a felon was with me so when the police actually walked up to the car I told my uncle to go home and of course they wanted to question them . So I was telling them to focus on the car and not anything else because that was the purpose of me calling them . When they walked up to me to ask whose car this was I told them it’s my wife’s car and o touched the steering when to get inside the vehicle . At that moment I had 2 or 3 cops on me . Holding my arms and telling me to get on the floor. I was refusing because it’s my wife’s car and we made a report literally hours before . I was screaming at them to let me go and my uncle tried to defuse the situation and the end results was Martinez trying to break my pinky finger while I was cuffed and palacios slammed me to the ground.” – Reyes Romo

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