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Rebound relationships are not all that they seem

Rebound relationships are not all that they seem

Why you may be better off avoiding a rebound relationship than seeking it.

When someone newly gets out of a relationship and decides to get into another one either because they don’t know how to be alone, or because they don’t want to, such relationship is known as a rebound.

When heartbreak happens, it is often better to give one’s self the chance to heal and come to terms with what has happened.

Getting straight into another relationship just after one ended isn’t always a good idea.

So you know what rebound relationship means, and that it’s usually a bad idea, but that’s not all there is to this kind of relationship.

Below, we list five more things you should know about this, and why you MAY be better off avoiding it than seeking it.

1. Unresolved baggage

Rebound relationships can begin with a lot of baggage that is left over from the previous relationship. That’s why it hardly lasts, or end well. Too many unresolved issues from the previous relationship is carried over and could spill into the new relationship in toxic, poisonous ways.

2. It is always about the ex. Not about you or your new partner.

It is always about that former partner to whom you want to prove that you are lovable, or that you have moved on. And when you do this, you are still letting that ex live in your head rent-free. You should not be in a relationship to prove a point to your ex. To do this is just disrespectful, unfair and emotionally abusive to the new person.

3. Could be fun

Rebound ‘relationships’ could be fun though. Especially if both partners know that it is nothing serious, and try to enjoy each other’s company while it lasts.

In this sense, it is more of an experiment than a relationship in the sense of it; more like a ‘friends with benefits’ situation. Provided that both partners know what they are getting into.

4. Could be source of distraction

It could be the perfect transitional period for a heartbroken person. Instead of being alone and suffering the pain of the heartbreak all by yourself; you could lessen the pain by having someone to do ‘relationship things’ with.

5. They are often temporary

Where one of the partners realizes later that he/she has only been used as a rebound from a relationship, it could lead to another breakup.

One is then forced to ask; what, then, is the point of the rebound relationship?

Rebound relationships are more damaging than therapeutic. It is better to let yourself feel the pain, loneliness and emptiness and then move on from that point, knowing you have shed yourself of all negative emotions and your next-step is actually “moving on.”

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