Randall Adjessom: How a 16-yr-old teenager was shot and killed by Mobile Police

Randall Adjessom
Randall Adjessom

A 16 year old teenager identified as Randall Adjessom has been shot and killed by a Mobile Police.

Randall was killed during a pre-dawn raid at Akouvi Adjessom, his mothers home on Monday, 13th August 2023.

Shortly after 5:30 Monday morning narcotics and SWAT officers executed a search warrant at Akouvi’s home on Sheringham Drive.

Police Chief Paul Prine said the 16-year-old pointed a laser-sighted handgun at officers.

“Which means that it has a laser on it. That laser at one point was activated between he and the officers involved,” said Prine. “One of the officers took action, immediately fired his weapon to protect himself and other officers striking the 16-year-old at least once.”

Prine said officers made “multiple attempts to knock and announce prior to entering the residence.”

Prine said the target of the search warrant 18-year-old Deangelo Adjessom, who wasn’t home at the time officers entered.

Deangelo Adjessom was put in handcuffs hours later when he showed up to the scene.

He is charged with marijuana possession, certain persons forbidden to carry a pistol and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Prine says officers were investigating marijuana distribution at the home. Councilman William Carroll expressed outrage over the raid that resulted in a tragic death at Tuesday’s council meeting.

“A marijuana warrant? Come on! Do you know all the states right now making marijuana legal? Legal! On a marijuana warrant! It wasn’t like somebody killed somebody. But we entered that place like we were going to find a murderer that was holding a gun at somebody’s head. That is incomprehensible,” said Carroll.

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