Raissa Kengne: What we know about the suspect arrested in Atlanta shooting that left two dead and one injured

Raissa Kengne
Raissa Kengne

A woman named Raissa Kengne has been arrested after three people were shot in midtown Atlanta on Monday, city police have said.

The suspect was arrested by ATF task force officers at the international terminal at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport after an ATF agent contacted a taxi company and found out she had been dropped off at the airport.

She was arrested in the terminal prior to going through security and had a .9mm Glock pistol in her purse.

Who is Raissa Kengne?

The suspect in the Atlanta shooting has been identified as Raissa Kengne.

Raissa Djuissi Kengne, an African American of Cameroonian origin, is a Georgia State University graduate.

She is an accountant by profession and holder of a Master’s Degree.

Raissa Kengne: What we know so far

Kengne had stated in a series of LinkedIn posts that she believed her former employer, with help from her apartment complex management, colluded to break into her apartment, hack her safe and destroy evidence that she claims to have had of fraud.

Raissa worked in a company and was sacked, her only crime being that she exposed the fraudulent transactions of her boss.

After dismissal she filed a lawsuit against her boss, then went ahead to create her own company.

Worried by the consequences of the lawsuit, her former boss began threatening her and her relatives.

Her ex-boss didn’t stop at those threats, he connived with the caretaker of the building in which Raissa was a tenant.

The corrupted caretaker further connived with the gateman to permit a burglary in Raissa’s apartment.

The intention of that plot was to destroy all evidence of the lawsuit in her computer, and rob her save of every document that could implicate her former boss.

The burglary was smoothly executed, leaving no trace behind.

As soon as Raissa discovered she was robbed, she alerted the Atlanta Police who sent an officer to the scene of the crime.

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Unfortunately, the police investigation could not establish the fact that she was robbed, because there was no prove that neither her door nor her safe were forced open.

It is after repeated attempts to convince the police that she was robbed failed, that Raissa unleashed her frustration on her former colleagues at her previous workplace.

Among the 2 men she killed, is WESLEY FREEMAN, the 40 year old man in black suit, who was at the center of the fraud Raissa exposed.

Raissa Kengne LinkedIn post

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In the post, Raissa Kengne wrote: “I was retaliated against by my former employer [company redacted] because I reported a fraud perpetrated by [name rediacted] [name redacted], CPA, CISA, CFE, CITP and covered by [name redacted] [name redacted].

“[Company redacted] leverage their relationships with [company redaction] and the 1280 West Board members in the condominium I live in, in order to gain unauthorized access to my home, break into my safe and delete evidence that I had; thereby breaking so many laws that it is hard to believe. 

“[Company redacted] and its agent went from committing a white collar crime to a criminal crime. APD has been reluctant in providing me with information related to my case. I will post a series of videos to show the policy’s response to the crimes committed against me.

“I will keep you updated on the status of my case because it is relevant to anyone who has spent many years combating fraud in their professional lives. AICPA Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Atlanta Police Department #cpa #accounting #management #police”


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