Quanishia Peach Berry, Lexus Berry: What we know about the Davenport building collapse incident

Quanishia Peach Berry, Lexus Berry

An Iowa woman named Quanishia Peach Berry found herself trapped under a heap of rubble for several hours after a century-old apartment building suddenly collapsed in Davenport, Iowa.

Her wife, Lexus Berry, recently disclosed that in order to free her from the debris, doctors had to amputate one of Peach’s legs.

This shocking incident unfolded on Sunday evening when the couple noticed a crack above their bathroom doorway in their fourth-floor apartment.

Realizing the danger, they hurriedly gathered their two cats and attempted to escape, but their efforts were in vain.

As the building crumbled around them, Lexus managed to escape, but Peach was left pinned beneath the wreckage.

What follows is a tale of resilience, unwavering love, and the desperate race against time to save Peach’s life.

The Collapse and the Heroic Rescue

Quanishia Peach Berry, Lexus Berry
Quanishia Peach Berry & Lexus Berry

The building in question was a six-story structure that had stood for 116 years before partially collapsing at approximately 5 p.m. on that fateful Sunday.

Lexus Berry, a local artist, vividly described the terrifying sequence of events.

As they reached the front door, the building began to shake violently, and before they could comprehend the situation, the floors gave way, causing a cascading collapse.

Quanishia Peach Berry, unfortunately, fell four stories down, with two additional stories collapsing on top of her.

In the midst of chaos and devastation, Lexus managed to escape just in time, but her beloved wife remained trapped beneath a harrowing mound of bricks and twisted steel.

Lexus Berry, refusing to give up hope, pleaded with first responders and work crews to continue their efforts to locate and rescue Peach.

After several grueling hours of painstaking search and rescue operations, rescuers located Quanishia Peach Berry wedged amidst the debris.

It was then determined that in order to extricate her from the wreckage, one of her legs would need to be amputated.

The urgency of the situation was evident, as the unstable building still posed a significant risk of further collapse.

A Glimpse of Love in the Midst of Chaos

Prior to the emergency surgery, Lexus was granted a brief moment to see her wife.

Accompanied by three or four rescuers and wearing a hard hat, she ventured through the darkened ruins until she finally caught sight of Peach.

The image of her wife trapped in such a dire situation left an indelible mark on Lexus’s memory. However, she gathered her strength and offered words of encouragement and love. “I love you, you’re okay, you got this. Don’t worry,” she reassured Peach in that emotional encounter.

With the imminent threat of the remaining structure collapsing, doctors made the difficult decision to perform the leg amputation on-site, completing the procedure within seven hours of the initial collapse. Afterward, Peach was rushed to a hospital for further care.

The fact that she survived the ordeal was nothing short of miraculous, as her wife Lexus attested.

She acknowledged the challenging circumstances that forced the medical team to make the difficult choice, emphasizing that Peach’s survival was the ultimate priority.

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