Pragya Memory Loss Drama in Kumkum Bhagya: Will Aaliya succeed getting Pragya out of Abhi’s mind with the help of Munni?

Zee TV serial Kumkum Bhagya has lot of unexpected twists in store to spice up the future story. And one such twist is Pragya’s memory loss drama. Wondering? Earlier, we saw Pragya flowing away in the dam water after getting shot by Dushyant. While everyone, including Tanu and Aaliya is deeming Pragya to be dead post her accident, there comes something more shocking to the tale. Pragya is saved by a fisherman behind the scene and no one is aware of this.

Furthermore, Tanu happens to witness Munni who looks exactly the same as Pragya. Tanu gets astonished and informs the same to Aaliya. Tanu and Aaliya then decide to use Munni in place of Pragya. Yes, you read that right! Pragya will re-enter Abhi’s life, but with lost memory.

With Munni’s entry in Abhi’s house come new shockers to the storyline. Munni, who is actually Pragya with lost memory, plays negative role to mount Abhi’s problems. Also, on Aaliya’s orders, she will be seen trying to delete Pragya from Abhi’s mind.

Munni’s entry in Abhi’s house makes Abhi happy as he thinks her to be his Pragya. Munni will be seen dancing on Aaliya’s tune as she has lost her memory. Pragya’s memory loss drama in the series to come is must wait and watch. Also, this would be interesting to watch as to how Aaliya makes use of Munni to make Abhi forget Pragya.

Will Aaliya succeed getting Pragya out of Abhi’s mind with the help of Munni?



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