How police nabbed 19-yr-old lesbian who impersonated Wizkid, stole $65,000

The Lagos State Police Command have successfully arrested a 19-year-old girl identified as Ifeoma Nelly who has allegedly been defrauding people of money meant for Nigerian superstar Wizkid. Nelly, who is a rumored hardcore lesbian scammer based in Delta state, reportedly defrauded many people of over $65,000 in booking fees meant for Wizkid.
The student of Industrial Chemistry at the Delta State University has allegedly been impersonating Wizkid’s management and has been accept money for shows on this behalf, hence causing serious embarrassment for the artiste.
She was arrested after Wizkid’s Manager, Mr. Sunday Are, combined forces with Lagos state police detectives and an Australian.
According to a statement by Wizkid’s team, the suspected fraudster was arrested when she came to Lagos to collect a part payment of $25,000 from some Australians at a hotel. The funds was meant for a show in Australia which was to star Wizkid.
The statement reads: “Nelly, when asked if she had other members assisting her, insisted that she was the only one running the show. She has collected money from different people. If you don’t have evidence against her, she would deny it but if you show her evidence, she would tell you the truth. There was the case of the $53,000, which we had to refund to the owner. She confirmed that she was the one who collected it.
“There was another payment of $12,500 from Germany. The Germany people sent details of how they paid the money to her. She couldn’t deny it. We had to start refunding money to different victims when the nefarious activities of the suspect became embarrassing. We had been having problems with different clients because of this. We keep refunding all the money. It was an issue.
“When it became serious, we had to refund the money to victims. Some people will just go, write in papers that Wikzid disappointed them. They would say Wizkid and his manager collected money and didn’t come to perform. Meanwhile, we didn’t know about those shows. The lady, not only use Wizkid’s name to open the Facebook accounts, but also used Wizkid’s name to register the phone she was using.
“Whenever someone calls her or she calls someone, its Wizkid’s name that would show. True caller shows Wizkid. We need everybody to help us fight this. We’ve started working towards doing something about the fake accounts.
“I and Wizkid went to Zambia for a show. We were there when I received a call from some people in Australia. The caller said he wanted to know if he was speaking with Sunday Are, Wizkid’s manager. The Australian said that he had been speaking with someone, pretending to be Are.
“The Australian said that he had almost concluded negotiation for Wizkid to come to Australia to perform and was just about to pay $25,000 part payment, when he heard that Wizkid was in Zambia.
WizKiD-1 (1)
“They said someone wanted to collect money from them in Lagos, Nigeria, for Wizkid to come and perform. They now found out that I was in Zambia.
“I planned with them on how to make this arrest. I talked to them to convince the suspect to come and collect cash in a hotel in Lagos. That was how I managed to arrest her. She came along with two friends. They were two ladies and a guy. She looked like a guy.
“It took us three to four hours before we could believe she was a lady. She wore native clothes and spotted low cut, like she is Sunday Are. She wore Rolex wrist watch. She bought clothes for the lady that came with her because that one said she didn’t have any clothes good enough to wear to come and collect the money.
“The arrest happened in a hotel in Lagos. I planted policemen inside the hotel room. The people gave the lady an Australian number, saying the Australian didn’t have a Nigerian number.
“Everything looked genuine. The show was to be in Australia, the phone number was an Australian number and the man she was speaking with, was a white man. But the man was actually in Australia, directing them to come to the hotel to collect cash. They entered the room and we arrested them.”

Eugene Nyavor

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