Pierce Nelson Hoempler: Tragedy Strikes in North Miami as Neighborly Dispute Turns Deadly

Pierce Nelson Hoempler
Pierce Nelson Hoempler

Pierce Nelson Hoempler, a 33 year old man from North Miami has been arrested for shooting and killing a father Hector Rivera and his two sons shot to death.

Pierce Nelson Hoempler nicknamed Papi Lindo is currently facing murder charges.

What we know

According to police reports, Pierce Nelson Hoempler engaged in a physical altercation with his neighbor, Hector Rivera, outside an apartment complex on Northeast 5th Avenue near 123rd Street.

The confrontation escalated quickly, with Hoempler gaining the upper hand and pinning Rivera to the ground.

According to, Rivera’s two sons, Jeremy Rivera and Frank Rivera, came to their father’s aid, however, their act was met with a chilling response from Hoempler, who pulled out a semi-automatic pistol and opened fire on all three men.

Footage from a neighbor’s Ring camera captured the sound of several gunshots being fired.

Hector and Jeremy Rivera were pronounced dead at the scene, and Frank Rivera was rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center where he died from his injuries.

Family member Cassandra Rivera arrived at the scene later Monday.

“My cousin called my mom and then we just rushed over here,” Rivera said. “Three people were shot, one’s my uncle, two are my cousins.”

The report didn’t say what led to the fight but said Rivera and his sons weren’t armed.

“None of the three victims on the scene had any weapons on their person at the time they were shot by the defendant,” the report said.

Police responded and detained Hoempler at the scene.

He was taken to the police station where he refused to give a statement.

Hoempler was later booked into jail on three second-degree murder charges.

“It was a busy area, residential area, with kids and everyone around. We thank God that it wasn’t worse,” North Miami Police Maj. Kessler Brooks said.

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