Jackie Appiah And Her Son

Photo Of Actress Jackie Appiah And Her Son Emerges At Long Last

Jackie Appiah And Her Son

Jackie Appiah as most Ghanaians knows her is very private about her life of the movies. She really tries to keep everything about her life private and away from prying eyes.

Jackie Appiah and Ghanaian Businessman Peter Agyeman got married about 8 years ago. And they were blessed with a handsome boy which most people know of.

Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t last past 3 years and they both went their own ways with the cause of the break still kept secret by the couple.

Ever since they broke up, Jackie Appiah probably the most beautiful actress in Ghana is known to be single.

A few years back, Jack Appiah was linked to a  handsome Nigerian actor, Bobby Obodo. But it looks like it didn’t work out between the two. Nothing has been heard about that side of her life ever since again.

But one thing Jackie Appiah has been able to keep away from the public eyes is his son. Most people know she has a child but frankly less than a few has seen him or his picture.

It, therefore, came as a surprise when the rare picture of the mother and son emerged showing them chilling somewhere abroad.

He is handsome you know. Very handsome.


Jackie Appiah And Her Son
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