Peter Anthony McGuire: How a Chino Hills man allegedly kidnapped, tortured a woman against her will

Peter Anthony McGuire
Peter Anthony McGuire

Peter Anthony McGuire:, a 59 year old Chino Hills man has been accused of kidnapping, torturing and holding a woman against her will in his home.

Peter Anthony McGuire, was arrested Thursday after his victim, 22-year-old woman—whose eye had been gouged out—escaped after being held for five months.

How Peter Anthony McGuire allegedly kidnapped, tortured his victim against her will

His 22-year-old victim moved into his Chino Hills house as a renter, but shortly after, he wouldn’t let her leave, investigators say. “Very soon after moving into the house, she was not allowed to leave, she was held there against her will by him and at that point was subjected to multiple assaults,” the San Bernardino sheriff’s department told ABC7. “We have charges of sodomy and oral copulation, mayhem, rape.”

Among the horrific abuse she allegedly endured at his hands was having her nose, ear, and lip sliced with a knife and “maliciously” maiming her tongue to the extent that she can no longer use it, according to KTLA. He is also charged with cutting off a limb, but it is unclear what that charge is in reference to.

After investigating the crime scene where the 22-year-old was said to be held, police now say he likely had other victims and have called on anyone who may have crossed paths with the alleged pervert to contact the Chino Hills Station.

Peter Anthony McGuire Arrest

chino hills murder torture Peter Anthony McGuire

He eventually surrendered and was arrested and booked on suspicion of kidnapping, torture, aggravated mayhem, rape, false imprisonment and assault with a deadly weapon, Sheriff’s Department officials said.

He pleaded not guilty to charges stemming from the incident earlier this week.

The victim had apparently known McGuire and had moved in with him at the beginning of the year. But shortly after moving in, she was not allowed to leave and was held against her will, officials said.

Currently, the police are looking for more women who may have been subjected to the particularly gruesome torture a 22-year-old allegedly endured at the hands of suspected Southern California rapist Peter Anthony McGuire.

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