Peace Hyde Reveals Why She’s Still Single at 29

Peace Hyde
Peace Hyde

Ghanaian based TV personality and former child psychologist  Peace Hyde has become one of Ghana’s fast rising TV personality and Actress in the showbiz arena. caught up with her for an exclusive interview this week. She talks about growing up,  education, relationship,  the Ghanaian entertainment industry, and other issues.

Peace Hyde started acting at the age of 11 but made her real debut in Ghana some few months ago on the hit TV series Adam’s Apple’s.

She already has two MNET movies under her belt, namely Protégé and the Prodigal Son with regular guest appearances on the GH ONE talk show ‘Tales From the Powder Room’ holding her own opposite host Naa Ashorkor.

She is also the host of Friday Night life show which address social issues such as health, sexually Transmitted Illnesses (STIs), social lifestyles, among other carefully selected interesting topical issues.

Read the full interview below

Gh Link: Hi Peace how are you today and how is 2015 treating you?

Peace Hyde: I’m really good thanks. 2015 has been great so far by the grace of God.

Gh Link: Did you make any resolutions for the year?

Peace Hyde: Yes. This year is the year I face all my fears. Every single thing I have been intimidated about, everything that scares me, anything that fills me with insecurities, I am just going to face it head on and conquer it. It’s the only way to push ourselves towards the greatness that God has in store for us.

Gh Link: How was growing-up like for you?

Peace Hyde: Growing up was like any normal African child. My parents raised me with a lot of discipline and cultural values that I think has helped me make the transition from the UK to Africa. Back in the UK, Africa began and ended at the front door.

I grew up with a wide range of interests. My parents pushed education as a focus but also encouraged us to be creative and explore other interests. I would say I had a very eclectic childhood.

Gh Link: Educational background?

Peace Hyde: I have a degree and masters in psychology and I am a qualified teacher as well.

Gh Link: What did you have to give up to be the Peace Hyde we know now?

Peace Hyde: I did not have to give up anything. The Peace Hyde you know now is someone who is evolving. It’s not about the hype or excitement, it’s about someone who knows their strengths and is embarking on a journey of self discovery and personal development.

I am who I am not because of any media attention, but because God has a plan for my life and has made it possible for me to fulfill my potential, no matter what industry it is.

Gh Link: What are some of the challenges you face as an actress and a TV host?

Peace Hyde: With every industry there are Ups and Downs. The main challenges in this industry I would say relates to breaking in. There are so many amazing talent and wonderful people who are really pushing the diversity and of our beautiful country. You have to come with you’re A game if you want to be noticed.

As I always say however, there is no competition in destiny. We are all destined to do what we are meant to do. Sometimes, people may feel intimidated by your presence and feel you are here to steal their opportunities and as human beings we are naturally competitive.

It can be difficult navigating this route as a new person on the scene. But like I say with everything, God knows exactly why you are where you are today, and there is no opportunity that is destined for you that can be blocked by someone.


Peace Hyde Single or Married
Peace Hyde Single or Married

Gh Link: You do TV, acting and MCing. That must be some tight working schedule?

Peace Hyde: Yes it is. It gets really challenging trying to do all three things because they all require different skills. This is what I love about this new phase in my life. The skills for presenting and acting are completely different from the skills needed for MCing.

Shooting schedules for my TV show EFGH can run into all hours of the day and then you have to wake up the next day to host an event. Its all about time management and discipline.

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Gh Link : Can you tell us your experience so far in the showbiz industry and your perception about the Industry?

Peace Hyde: There are a lot of positives and negatives about being in the showbiz industry. From the outside, it may seem very glamorous to a lot of young girls who want to break in. For someone who is new to this scene I have found that there can be a lot of pit falls.

Most people can get side tracked by the need to belong to an elite group or social circle and all the distractions that come with it. It is a very image conscious type of industry and most often than not, young minds who are looking to come into the scene may do certain things that goes against their moral fabric to try and conform to what they think is needed to succeed.

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One advice I would give to all the young beautiful minds out there about getting into the industry is, make sure you hold on to your morals and God. They are all you have at the end of the day. No opportunity is too great to compromise them. And if you have to compromise them, then that opportunity is not meant for you.

Gh Link. In a scale of 20, how would you rate Ghanaian showbiz industry?

Peace Hyde:Erm that is a very tricky question. I don’t think you can rate it in that regard. Like everything in Ghana, we are experiencing a growth process. The industry as it is now has come a long way from what it used to be about 2 years ago when I first came to Ghana and I am sure it has changed dramatically over the years.

There are now new opportunities as a result of this growth. As an industry I think it still has a long way to go. Our artists need good support systems that will facilitate us providing the very best performances whether in Acting, Music or Fashion. That is the only way we can seriously compete internationally and put Ghana on the map in the way that it needs to be.

Gh Link. How are you coping with stardom?

Peace Hyde
Peace Hyde

Peace Hyde: Stardom? Wow that’s flattering. I never considered myself as a star before. Not quite sure what to make of that. I think my life is pretty normal. I still do the things I love to do mainly Food.

I am quite introverted so I guess its strange going to places and having people you don’t know walk up to you and ask for a picture. Its something I will never get used to but I am extremely blessed for all the love and support from my faith builders.

Gh Link: Are u dating ?

Peace Hyde: Nope! Im fully focused on my work currently!

Gh Link: Which means you are married to your work right ?.

Peace Hyde : 100% correct

Gh Link: The worst rumour you heard about yourself?

Peace Hyde: That I was dating a footballer who bought me a jeep. I found that one particularly hilarious.

Gh Link: There are a lot of young ones out there looking to go into acting, any message for such individuals and what do you want to tell your fans at large?

Peace Hyde: Like I said earlier, do not lose yourself in the whole showbiz lifestyle. What matters at the end of the day is your morals. This industry is full of temptation and a lot of pressure to do certain things that you would otherwise not do.

Always remember, if you have to compromise your values and your morals for opportunities, then it is not the right opportunity. Nobody can make you a star apart from God. Stay true to his ways and no matter how difficult things get he will make a way for you. To all my lovely Faith builders who are supporting the Peace Hyde movement, I love you and it my sincerest hope that God blesses you and make a way for you in everything you do. Thanks for the encouraging words and positive feedback in everything.

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Interview Conducted By: Eugene Nyavor (GhLinks)

Written by Eugene Nyavor

Eugene Nyavor is the Founding Editor at Gh Links.

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