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Paul Faye: Bio, age & more about Tennessee man accused of planning border attack

Cunningham's Paul Faye
Cunningham's Paul Faye
Quick Info
Real Name Paul Faye
Age 55
Birth Date 1969
Birth Place Cunningham – Tennessee, America

Paul Faye, a 55-year-old resident of Cunningham, Tennessee, born in 1969, has been accused by the federal government of conspiring to join a far-right militia movement that targets immigrants and law enforcement at the southern border.

According to public records obtained by NBC News, Faye previously worked as a businessman involved in carpentry, remodeling, and lawn care.

In 2016, Faye filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, although his case was ultimately dismissed.

Prior to his arrest, he resided in a trailer located next to his ex-wife’s residence.

According to Paul’s Facebook biography, he identifies himself as a “God Family Country Guy” who strongly believes in distinguishing between right and wrong.

Notably, Paul Faye is an active TikToker who spends his time watching anti-government videos and discussing the perceived “invasion” of the United States by immigrants, as revealed by his son in an interview with NBC News.

Paul Faye’s arrest and charges

Paul Faye, of Cunningham, was arrested in Tennessee on Monday by the FBI after a nearly yearlong investigation and charged with selling an unregistered firearm suppressor (silencer). He faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison if convicted on the charge, according to the complaint filed this week by federal prosecutors in Nashville.

Faye will appear in federal court on Feb. 12 for a detention hearing. His arrest was first reported by the online publication Court Watch.

The complaint said Faye attracted the attention of federal investigators when they noticed he had “extensive contact” with Bryan C. Perry, a Tennessee militia member who authorities said was planning a violent conflict with Border Patrol agents before his arrest in 2022.

Perry, of Clarksville, Tennessee, has been charged with conspiring to kill federal agents. Federal investigators said Perry tried to recruit members to his militia to travel to the border to shoot migrants and federal agents. Perry allegedly fired at FBI agents who traveled to Missouri to arrest him in October 2022.

Faye had intended to travel to the border with Perry before Perry’s arrest, according to the complaint, which did not identify by name the militia or militias Faye is accused of being associated with.

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