Patrick Banks, James Angel, and Nicole Sawyer: 3 charged after victim allegedly attacked, tied up in basement

Patrick Banks, James Angel, Nicole Sawyer

On Monday, 20th February 2023, three individuals were arrested and charged in North Carolina for allegedly kidnapping and abusing a victim.

The suspects, Patrick Banks, James Angel, and Nicole Sawyer, were identified and apprehended after an investigation was launched by the Madison County Sheriff’s Office.

According to Sheriff Buddy Harwood, the victim reportedly escaped after being tied to a chair with barbed wire, kicked, punched and carved into with a knife, and was taken to hospital for treatment after showing up at a resident’s house saying they had been kidnapped.

Madison County police followed the lead back to a nearby residence and determined that Patrick Banks, James Angel and Nicole Sawyer had forcibly trapped the victim in the basement as they had described.

Deputies also noticed that the victim had multiple cross symbols carved onto their face and body.

The victim was transported to a hospital for medical attention.

Following an extensive search of the area, law enforcement officials were able to locate the residence where the alleged kidnapping took place.

The sheriff’s office executed a search warrant and determined that the suspects — Patrick Banks, James Angel, and Nicole Sawyer — had forcibly imprisoned the victim in the basement of the home by tying their hands and feet to a chair with barbed wire.

Patrick Banks, James Angel, Nicole Sawyer

The suspects had also allegedly tied the victim’s chest to a structural beam and taped their mouth shut.

Sheriff Harwood described the crime as a “horrific incident,” and the suspects are currently facing charges for their alleged involvement in the kidnapping and abuse of the victim.

The sheriff’s office concluded that the victim had been punched and kicked in the head, struck multiple times in the head by firearms and a crowbar and sliced by knives, which resulted in multiple lacerations to the victim’s face and hands.

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