Pastor marries 4 virgins at once, says he adopted the idea of polygamy from the Bible (Photos)

Pastor marries 4 virgins at once, says he adopted the idea of polygamy from the Bible (Photos)

A Congolese pastor is trending online after he married four women, all virgins, in a colorful ceremony in Eastern Congo.

Pastor Zagabe Chiluza who is already married said he decided to marry four more because the Bible is not against polygamy.

“Jacob had many wives Leah and Rachel, then Bilha and Zilpa…four wives for one man,” he said.

He cited how God adored polygamous men like Jacob to justified his conduct.

Pastor Chiluza said men from his church can marry more women provided they are virgins.

Speaking to Afrimax English, a television station that broadcasted his wedding, Pastor Chiluza shared scriptures from the Bible to prove polygamy isn’t a sin.

“I have one wife already and today I’m going to marry these four. They will join the first wife. Show me where in the Bible it is written that it is a sin to marry more than one wife,” he stressed.

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The Zagabe Chiluza who claimed to have been ordained as a pastor since 1986 said peoples opinion about him does not matter.

All that matters, he added is to lead the children of God on a good path.

Meanwhile, his church members expressed joy during the wedding of their leader.

One of his lead pastors identified as Kalebe told media polygamy is allowed in their church.

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