Old married men not worth your time – Stephanie Benson to girls

Stephanie Benson
Stephanie Benson

Old married men not worth your time – Stephanie Benson

Songstress Stephanie Benson has thrown some jabs at ‘promiscuous’ old married men, as she has advised young girls in the society to stick to their young men and build a future with them instead of falling for old married men for financial gains.

Describing the old married men as “horny idiots”, she said they will only waste “your time.”

Stephanie made the comment in an Instagram video while she was advising a 21-year-old lady who wrote to her seeking help about her pregnancy.

The lady got pregnant for a married man who wanted her to abort it to save his marriage. But Stephanie advised her to keep the pregnancy if she loves the baby and not what she would get from the man.

According to the songstress, such married men who put girls in such situations should be ashamed of themselves because they are just taking advantage of these innocent girls.

“I am not an advocate for abortion and I don’t wish that on anyone. There are so many circumstances why someone will need to have an abortion…Even the word need is difficult. But here we go, besides the fact that it is a wrong thing to do, I just want to put it out there that there is a lot of horny idiots old men who prey on young girls because there are a lot of young girls now who really need help financially and sometimes emotionally. So they seek the love of maybe the older men. Now if you are one of those married men out there who prey on young girls, shame on you,” she indicated.

“I want to tell 21-year-olds out there and the young ones out there who are going to school, please make the right decisions. These horny old married idiots are not worth your time. Find somebody that you love, see you can grow up with, work with. Don’t let money be your focus all the time because it is going to ruin all your life,” she added.

Written by Eugene Nyavor

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