Reasons Why NPP wants a New Register

NPP wants a New Register
NPP wants a New Register

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NPP wants a New Register

Elections are just at the corner and every political party is out in the streets to play a script that will amass votes form them.

The Electoral Commission who is at the center of managing credible, free and fair elections, has decided to play a rough and tough approach by organizing a new register for the December 7 elections.

The NDC and other minority political parties locked horns with the EC decision to compile a new register. Their reason is that the EC is plotting with the New Patriotic Party and the NIA to disenfranchise the majority of Ghanaians.

NPP wants a New Register

NPP wants a New Register
NPP wants a New Register

However, ever since the EC announced their intentions for a new voters’ register, the NPP has backed them reasonable and unreasonable circumstances.

Here are the four main reasons why the New Patriotic Party wants a new register.

1. Election 2016 was not won by a simple majority.

It is a hidden fact that the NPP did not win 2016 by simply majority as Kennedy Agyapong said.

Their tactics played well but very costly. In the Volta Region, the tactics of preventing “Togolese” from coming into Ghana as purported by the party executives were very costly and cannot repeat the same approach in the 2020 December elections.

Also, the fear they put on many ordinary Ghanaians in 2016 lead to many people to boycott the elections. If Nana Addo in 2012 could say “all die be die”, then he would plunge Ghana into crisis hadn’t been that he did not win. But they know this will not work in the 2020 elections. Therefore, if every legit voter is allowed to register and vote, the NPP will lose. They don’t have the majority period.

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NPP wants a New Register

2. COVID-19 has Exposed the NPP government.

The fact that the NPP was singing about the incompetency of John Mahama who was into infrastructure development.

He was told that we don’t eat buildings and roads; infrastructure doesn’t put food on the table. Just a year to December 7 elections, the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic exposed the truth and importance of building infrastructure in the health and education sector.

The NPP knew that they were being exposed at the time where John Mahama’s E-blocks were used as quarantine centers but Bawumia’s medical drones could not even deliver suspected coronavirus test samples. To go to the polls with these records of John Mahama, they will lose the simple majority.

3. The ordinary Ghanaians are suffering.

It is always the deceptive tactics by the government to present palatable economic figures to the public. Meanwhile, the facts on the ground are getting worse by day. Bread continues to shrink in size, kenkey leaves now twice the size of the ball, banku is losing weight, and many more.

As a result, the ordinary Ghanaians are angry and waiting to vote for a change. Therefore, in other to prevent them from voting them out, they must be disenfranchised. That’s why the top four poorest regions will register a few people if the EC is allowed to go ahead with the registration.

4. The tradition of the NPP has a long history of excluding some people from the citizenship of Ghana.

Apparently, they usually regard the people from these regions; old Volta, Upper West, Upper East, and Old Northern. They are either referred to as non Ghanaians or populated by foreigners.

The upper west region is claimed to be populated by Burkinabes and Ivorians whereas the upper east is considered as a hub for both Burkinabes and Togolese. The Old Volta region is considered as a hub for the Togolese.

However, these regions are strongholds of the main opposition party. As a result, they must not be allowed into the new voters’ register since they are not most Ghanaians. This is the belief of the NPP for the past decades.

These are not exclusive but many other reasons why the NPP backs that EC which is resolute to disenfranchise the majority of us in Ghana.

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