Norma Hale: Audrey Hale’s mother once shared several gun control posts on social media

Norma Hale: Audrey Hale's mother
Norma Hale: Audrey Hale's mother

Norma Hale, the mother of the Nashville school shooter who tragically took the lives of six people, including three 9-year-olds, seemed to have been an advocate for gun control.

On a previous occasion, she had apparently encouraged her Facebook friends to sign a petition requesting that firearms be prohibited from schools

“So important!” Norma Hale wrote in a March 8, 2018 Facebook post as she shared the petition that stated “Keep Guns Out of School” that appeared to be from the Sandy Hook Promise Foundation.

The webpage’s domain to the petition did not appear to exist anymore.

In another post from Feb. 21, 2018, Hale shared another petition from Sandy Hook Promise urging lawmakers to “Make Large-Capacity Gun Magazines Illegal.”

Hale’s adult child, Audrey Hale, carried out Monday’s horrific mass shooting at The Covenant School Monday morning.

The 28-year-old, believed to be a former student at the small Christian school, was carrying at least two assault rifles and a handgun, police said.


In various other Facebook posts dating back several years, Norma Hale, who appeared to work at a Nashville-based church, The Village Chapel, as a coordinator, gushed over her two children for various achievements and milestones.

In Jan. 28, 2019 post, she wrote “found this in a devotional book I loaned to Audrey” with a heart emoji at the end of the sentence and a photo that shows “I (love) God” written on the page.

She also commended her daughter in a March 15, 2017 Facebook post for impressing one of her college professors at Nossi College of Art and noted the instructor recommended her for an awards competition.

“So proud of Audrey!” the doting mother wrote.

She also stated in an Aug. 2015 post that Audrey “wrote ‘thank you’ notes to all her professors at the end of her summer semester” including to one teacher who lost her son in a car accident a year prior.

“These were some of her words … ‘Don’t ever let anything or anyone steal your joy. You have a reason and a purpose to be here.’ Hale wrote, adding, “Amazing, Dre. I love you.”

In other posts, she gave numerous shout outs to her son and wasn’t shy about how lucky she was to be the mother of her two kids.

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