Nollywood Actress, Amanda Ebeye gives GhLinks her First Ever Exclusive Interview about her life, career and other interesting topics.

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When it comes to movies Nollywood is another hub of great talents, one of which is the beautiful actress cum model , Amanda Ebeye. Unlike many actors who get to play several minor roles before they get their first big break,Amanda’s role as a Nurse in an award winning TV series Clinic Matters and other movies such as ”Weeping Tiger” ,Burning Tears etc  shot her into the limelight. Since then she has featured in over 15 movies .

Reputed to have one of the sexiest shapes in the industry, this  Benson Idahosa University, graduate of  International Studies and Diplomacy who is known for her calmness, in a recent interview pens up about her life, career and other interesting topics.



Read below full interview unedited:
GhLinks:Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Amanda: Amanda Ebeye is an actress from a family of 6, 5 girls and 1 boy, I’m an actress.
I graduated from Benson Idahosa university where I studied international studies and diplomacy.When I’m not shooting I love reading, watching movies and gisting.

GhLinks: How did it all start for you as an actress?
Amanda: I started of as a model. Then I met a girl that was a model cum actress, I told her I would love to act also and that’s how I stated following her for auditions.

GhLinks: How many movies do you have to your credit ?
Amanda: Lol, I have quite a number of movies to my credit.

GhLinks:How do you deal with your male admirers?
Amanda: Oh well I appreciate them, cause they keep me going, they always have sweet things to tell me, and I tell them thank you. I appreciate them.

GhLinks:Who or what inspired you into acting?
Amanda: I’ve always loved make believe, the excitement that I can be anyone I want to ( by blinking my eyes and imagining it, that was my excitement and it made me decide that when I grow up I’ll love to act.

GhLinks:When did you start acting?
Amanda: I’ve been acting since I was young, from when I could talk I was acting lol.

GhLinks:Among these movies, which is your favourite? And Why is that your favourite?
Amanda: I don’t have a favorite movie, all the movies I have done have had their own challenges, and every new movie brings forth a new character and I always work my way in to making the characters as believable as possible.

GhLinks: What are some of the challenges you face as an actress in your field of work?
Amanda: Hmm challenges, the whole acting thing is a challenge, it’s not as easy and as beautiful people think it is.

GhLinks:We received several emails from your fans and one question that kept coming up was; are you single?
Amanda: Yes i’m single.

GhLinks:What do you find attractive in a man?
Amanda: Intelligence, how he talks, how put together he is. These are the three main attributes that get me attracted to any man.

GhLinks:Which Ghanaian Male Celebrity do you have a crush with ?
Amanda: Hmm Ghanaian male celebrity would be Majid.

GhLinks:We’ve been hearing of lesbianism in Nollywood. Is it rampant or just rumours?
Amanda: Really don’t know anything about that I’m sorry.

GhLinks:What’s your major philosophy of Life?
Amanda: Anything you want go for it and you’ll get it. Never listen to you can’t, never believe people that tell you you can’t cause once you tell yourself you can, God agrees. I never give up no matter what.

GhLinks:What more should your fans expect from you?
Amanda: They should expect great movies from me, no crap, no cut and join.

GhLinks:Last Words.
Amanda:They should expect the best movies cause that’s all I’m giving them, the best.

If you want to know more about Amanda and what she is up to, follow her on:

Instagram: @amandaebeye
Twitter: @amandaebeye


Eugene Nyavor

Written by Eugene Nyavor

Eugene Nyavor is the Founding Editor at Gh Links. A well bred journalist with a flair for entertainment, society and arts, He loves covering events and reporting personalities for the public consumption.

Reach me via Email: [email protected]

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