Suspected Gay Man Beaten Badly By Nkoranza Residents

Nkoranza Gay

A young man in Nkoranza, a town in the Bono East Region, found himself at the receiving end of slaps when some youth in the area allegedly caught him in a hot bout of sex with another man.

The angry youth, numbering about three forced the alleged homosexual, who was said to have quickly wrapped himself with a cloth upon the discovery to strip naked in an attempt to force him out of the room where the sex had taken place for a public parade.

It was when he refused that the slaps began to land.

A video of the incident captures the group of angry youth surrounding the young man in the bedroom and ordering him to stand up and move out of the house. In response the suspected homosexual clutches firmly at the cloth around his waist and resists, vowing to rain curses on his assailants.

He also accuses his tormentors, in the Twi language, of unfairly targeting him because they had allowed his partner to run away.

Meanwhile, the gay man is also seen trying to place a call to somebody, an action that infuriates his assailants the more. Eventually, the cloth covering his bare buttocks and genitalia is stripped off confirming he had probably been having sex.

The video has since gone viral on social media, mostly garnering praise from members of the public who say the alleged homosexual deserved the “discipline.”

A very conservative Ghana is currently dominated by gay rights issues as the country’s Parliament prepares to pass laws that criminalize gay sexual relationships, with some 97% of Ghanaians in support of it.

The move by Parliament, championed by eight out of 275 MPs, has drawn resistance from a group of middle-class Ghanaians, led by Akoto Ampaw, personal lawyer of President Akufo-Addo, who argue that the Bill if passed into law, will go against the fundamental human rights of gays.

But the move by Parliament has the support of the overwhelming majority of Ghanaians, with reports that some studies have shown that up to 90% of Muslims and 88% of Christians (the two dominant religions in Ghana) support the criminalization of gay activities.

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