Nineteen Year Old Student Of La Presec Reported Missing For Over A Month

Nineteen Year Old Student Of La Presec Reported Missing
I Wasn't Kidnapped; My Mother Maltreated Me So I left Home –19 Years Old Girl Who Was Reported Missing

Mr. Kwaku Agyeman Duah, father of nineteen year old student has disclosed that his daughter Charity Agyeman has been missing for over a month.

Speaking to Class 93.1 F.M,Mr Duah revealed that his daughter left their home at Pig farm for school on 19th December 2018 and has since not been seen by family/friends. In narrating his story, he made mention of reporting to the Police after two days of not seeing his daughter. When asked why he waited for those days to elapse, he said he assumed that she probably went out with friends. When he realized she wasn’t showing up, he went to report the situation at the Kotobabi Police Station. At the Police Station, Mr. Duah said he was told to go home and wait a few more days, owing to the fact that  La Presbyterian Senior High School was to go on Christmas break that day. Mr. Kwaku Agyeman Duah said he obliged and went home and waited for three days to elapse.
In hindsight, Mr. Kwaku Agyeman Duah believes his daughter might not have even made it to school that day. He was also unable to contact his daughter via mobile phone because he took her phone from her and kept it at home. He further told Class F.M that the police officer from the C.I.D of Ghana Police Service called him on Thursday 24th January 2019 to find out whether he has heard from his missing daughter. This appalled the host of the morning show (Benjamin Akakpo), as, one would expect that the police would be on top of their game and would be the ones to call the family, with information.
As monitored by ghlinks, ,Mr. Duah has made it known that since his daughter’s image has been put out on TV platforms, he has received many phone calls, most callers asking for an amount as low as GHC10.00 and as high as GHC1,000.00. Most of those calls, he believes are from people who might not necessarily have information about his daughter, and the others, well, he might never know.
Nineteen Year Old Student Of La Presec Reported Missing For Over A Month
Class F.M asked Mr. Duah what he wants to be done to help. He appealed to the general public to help him find his daughter.
Charity Agyeman has been described by her father as a ninineteen (19) year old lady, moderate sized in stature, has “chocolate” complexion, speaks English, Twi and a bit of Ga.
Any relevant information is welcome in the comments or can be reported to the nearest police station or media outlet.
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