Different Ways Men React To News Of Pregnancy From Their Partners

News Of Pregnancy
News Of Pregnancy

News of pregnancy can be good or bad depending on what stage of life you’re at, what you want and as a result, such news can be overwhelming in a good or bad way thus, warranting different reactions.

Generally, family and friends are supportive of such news however, partners might react differently. Some of the different reactions from partners are listed below:

News Of Pregnancy

THE ECSTATIC PARTNER: This partner is one who’s happy to find out that he’s about to be a father. He might have always wanted to be one or loves the woman to want one or is just at the right stage in life to be able to welcome a child into his life. Whatever his reason might be, he’s just happy about such news.

THE PARTNER WHO’S TAKEN ABACK AND NEEDS TIME APART: This partner generally is not one who’s ready to journey the road of parenthood. Whether it’s due to an unstable financial situation or not being ready to have a child with the woman or due to his not being sure he’d want to be a father. Whatever his reason(s) might be, he’s not ready for the news and might need time to process the news and decide on what to do.

 News Of Pregnancy
News Of Pregnancy

THE PARTNER WHO REJECTS OUTRIGHTLY AND GOES M.I.A: This partner is one who out of cowardice, certainty of not being the father of the foetus, distrust or some other reason(s), jumps ship when his partner breaks news of pregnancy to him. He then rejects the pregnancy and in e most cases, goes M.I.A (missing in action). He might never come back or might do so after the child has passed his/her formative stages. Such a child would likely have “daddy issues” or commitment issues.

THE PARTNER WHO REQUESTS A DNA TEST: Unsettling stories of men fathering children they thought were theirs exist so it makes sense that this partner, for whatever reason(s), likes to cover all bases by finding out whether or not the child is his before he assumes responsibility. It prevents future pain or trauma of possibly being told the child he has invested in is not his. Many are advocating for DNA tests to be standard when a child is born.

THE PARTNER WHO INTENTIONALLY IMPREGNATES SO HE CAN MARRY HER: Some partners desperately try to salvage a relationship by getting a woman pregnant. In the typical Ghanaian or African society, this trickery usually gets the job done because parents want their daughters to get married and have a family of their own without it being done out of wedlock so as to avoid “shame”. In recent times, relationships built on this trickery don’t last; it’s virtually like building on quick sand.


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