Newly Married Lady Dies Weeks After Her Sister Died In Ikoyi Building Collapse

Newly Married Lady Dies Weeks After Her Sister Died In Ikoyi Building Collapse

Tragedy has visited a family in Lagos State after losing two of their daughters barely a month interval. understands that the family had lost their first daughter in the horrible collapse of 21 storey building at 44 B, C, D Gerrard Road, Ikoyi, Lagos State.

The incident which happened on November 1, 2021, killed over 40 persons, including the developer, Femi Osibona, while some people were rescued.

One of the victims of the disturbing building collapse is said to be 26-year-old Onyinye.

Reports had it that Onyinye was gearing for her wedding in December when the unfortunate incident in Ikoyi happened. She is said to have worked as a second personal assistant to Femi Osibona, owner of Fourscore Homes and had just resumed work a week before the tragic incident.

Unfortunately, while Onyinye’s family is yet to recover from the incident, they lost another daughter whose name is revealed as Amaka Enekwe by a netizen who disclosed this on social media.

A Facebook user, Blessed Nasa Eriamah who shared the sad news of the recent event said Amaka was ill and was believed to be recuperating before her demise was reported on Monday, November 22.

The netizen wrote: “Exactly 3 weeks after the death of your younger sister at the Ikoyi building collapse, you followed her. Loosing 2 daughters in a space of 3 weeks is a pain to terrible for a mother to bear.

“When we visited you on Monday you were recovering only to hear of your death today. Amaka why did you follow your sister??. Your mother is trying to be strong, she is trying to hide her pain by singing praises to GOD and laughing when we visited today but she is loosing it.

“Amaka! Amaka! Amaka! Please wake up! the death of Onyinye is enough, you can’t allow your mother to bury 2 children in a day, it is too much for her. Please wake up.”

Still lamenting the demise of Amaka, the netizen recalls how the deceased had celebrated her wedding six months ago.

She wrote: “Just this past May, you were glowing, full of smiles and life walking down the Aisle with your better. 6 months later you left him shattered and broken.

“Amaka, why? your husband is deeply hurt, your mother broken into pieces because of you and your sister, your, Your siblings questioning if GOD still exists, Your colleagues and friends asking why. Amaka you didn’t think of how broken your mother will be before giving up, You know Onyinye wouldn’t want this.

“You radiated every space and corner with your charming smiles, at your demise everywhere turned gloomy. The thought of your mum couldn’t leave me all through the night.

“Keep resting dear friend and please watch over your mum and siblings. Be their guardian angel as you were even when alive.”

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