Never give money to someone using latest iPhone – Reno Omokri

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Never give money to someone using latest iPhone – Reno Omokri

 Reno Omokri has advised against given money to anyone using an iPhone no matter how much they beg for it.

According to him, people who use iPhones are not in need but in want.

He wrote:

“Never give money to anyone with a latest iPhone, no matter how desperately they beg. Such a person misuses money. They are not in need. They are in want. Big difference! They have money, but prefer to spend it not on their needs, but on their wants”

Reno Omokri went on to give reasons why people shouldn’t fall for the excuses they might come up with while trying to defend owning an iPhone.

“Some of them will tell you that the latest iPhone was a gift. Wait a minute. What type of family or friend sees you in need, and rather than give you something to address that need, they give you the latest iPhone? It is like going to a doctor to complain of malnutrition and the doctor gives you the most expensive perfume to spray. Live within your means. And if you don’t like your means, then expand it via a job or business, and not via begging”.

This is coming just a few days after he warned against obeying one’s pastor.

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