Nazly Ortiz Video: Harris county sheriff narrates how it happened

Nazly Ortiz Video
Nazly Ortiz Video

According to Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, Nazly Ortiz and Greene were involved in a road rage incident with another car on the North Freeway near FM 1960.

A 2-year-old boy was in the other car, according to Gonzalez.

When the victim exited at Parramatta Lane, Greene followed in the truck he was driving, the sheriff said.

Both vehicles came to a stop after exiting, and according to Gonzalez, Greene got out of the truck, approached the victim’s car and assaulted him.

As the victim drove away, Ortiz fired one shot through the backseat window and another shot as the car kept going.

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Gonzalez said a car at a nearby dealership was struck by one of the bullets and the victim was taken to an area hospital with a possible graze wound.

He was in good condition, according to Gonzalez. No other injuries were reported.

Nazly Ortiz Video: Watch video of the incident below

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