Natalie Lucas: How an 18-year-old Colorado lifeguard helped deliver a baby after 29-year-old woman’s waters broke while she was swimming

Natalie Lucas
Natalie Lucas

Natalie Lucas, an 18 year old Colorado lifeguard brought life into the world after she was called into action when a swimmer went into labor on the pool deck where she was working.

Natalie Lucas, was on duty at the YMCA in Longmont, Northern Colorado, on 24 July where Tessa Rider and husband Matthew Jones were visiting, the Washington Post reported.

Ms Rider, who was a few days past her due date, told the Post her water broke moments after getting into the indoor pool that morning.

“All of a sudden I felt this need to push,” Ms Rider said.

She called to her husband to meet her at the car and race to the hospital, and then promptly collapsed on all fours as soon as she got out of the pool.

Ms Rider said she immediately realised the baby was on the way, The Post reported.

Natalie Lucas
Natalie Lucas

Ms Lucas, the sole lifeguard on duty, rushed over to find Mr Jones on the phone with 911.

“We’re having a baby,” he told her.

The lifeguard of three years said adrenaline kicked in and she went to collect towels, a first aid kit, and alerted other staff to the birth.

She told The Post she helped try to keep Ms Rider comfortable, and supported her head as her husband helped to guide the baby out.

“I stayed calm, and I didn’t freak out, because that’s what you need to do in this job. You can’t really hesitate or wait for someone else to come. You’re the lifeguard; you’re the lifesaver,” the teenager told The Post.

The baby – Tobin “Toby” Thomas Rider – was born a few minutes later, as ten onlookers watched.

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