Who is Nashali Alma? Fearless bodybuilder fights off would-be rapist Xavier Thomas-Jones in confronting video

Nashali Alma
Nashali Alma

A 24-year-old woman identified as Nashali Alma is making headlines for her brave actions in thwarting a man who repeatedly assaulted her inside her apartment complex gym last month.

Nashali Alma is being hailed as an inspiration by law enforcement officials.

Her alleged attacker, Xavier Travis Thomas-Jones, 25, has been arrested and charged with one count of sexual battery and one count of kidnapping.

According to a news release from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, the deputies received a report of an alleged assault on Jan. 22, 2023, at the Inwood Park Apartment Complex.

First responders arrived at the scene and Alma informed them that she had just managed to escape from a man who had attacked her inside the gym.

“Alma said she was exercising alone before letting the suspect into the gym. She explained that she opened the door for him because he was someone she’d seen previously in the gym,” the release states. “As Alma continued her workout, the suspect, Xavier Thomas-Jones, 25, approached her and attempted to grab her waist. She yelled at him, demanding to get away from her, but he continued to chase her around the gym.”

Surveillance footage from inside the gym shows the man police say is Thomas-Jones entering the gym, then approaching Alma at the back of the gym and reaching out toward her with both hands.

Holding her cell phone in her left hand, Alma quickly pushes him away and tries to get around him to the exit, but he blocks her path while repeatedly trying to grab her.

Alma makes it to the other side of the gym, but her attacker grabs her from behind.

She turns around and begins striking him in the face with her left hand while holding her cell phone in her right hand.

The attacker then gets both arms around her waist and takes her to the floor, landing on top of her. The two then grapple on the ground before Alma’s attacker finally quits, allowing her to escape to a nearby apartment and call for help.

Who is Nashali Alma?

Nashali Alma is 24 year old a fitness model, a medical lab technician and a NPC Wellness competitor.

In 2021, Nashali Alma graduated from University of South Florida where received her B.S. in Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Biomedical Physics.

She has competed in four NPC Bodybuilding shows over the last two years.

This includes a championship in the Wellness division at the 2022 NPC Southern USA Championships.

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