My Parents Wanted To Kill By Poisoning My Food – Don Little

My Parents Wanted To Kill By Poisoning My Food - Don Little

Twenty (20) year old diminutive actor, popularly known as “Don Little” has revealed in an interview  on the Delay show that his parents nearly killed him because they mistook him for a dwarf when he was born.

When asked to narrate his story, Don Little mentioned that when he was younger, his parents noticed that he wasn’t getting any bigger or taller so they concluded that they wouldn’t get much value from him and wanted to kill him by poisoning his food when he was about five (5) years old.

His mother, he said, was reluctant and feared the outcome of such an act. Killing Don Little wasn’t much of a concern to his father, as, Don says his father has slaughtered numerous domestic animals and had no problem with that. His father sold and slaughtered animals.

Asked about how he went to live with one Mr. Ofosu, he narrated how they, as a family, lived in Odorkor, a surburb of Accra.

As monitored by ,the actor recalled being morally astute as a result wanting to purse and live a Christian life. This drove him to inform the owner of the house they lived in about how his father stole bags of cements left in his care and sold them.

When his father was confronted about stealing and subsequently selling the bags of cement, he sought to deny the accusation. Don Little said he was called to tell the truth known to him and at that point, outed his father. This led to Don Little being beaten mercilessly by his father and sacked amidst being called a dwarf and kicked out of the house at age 6. His mother went out to look for him after he was kicked out of the house.

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Prior to that, the actor said he used to sleep outside people’s shops and followed friends to their homes. From around age six to sixteen, Mr. Ofosu took Don Little under his wing and helped him school till he got to J.H.S but because there was no one to help him financially and otherwise, he was unable to further his education.

Feeling like Mr. Ofosu had helped him to the point he could, Don little left and stayed with a friend for some time, by which time he had saved enough money from selling credit to rent a room for a year. He then met a man he calls “I see” who supported him by furnishing his room and offered to further help Don as when Don needed, until he met comedian “Funny Face” in whose “Cow and Chicken” TV series he starred in. He addressed the brief misunderstanding between the two and said they’re on better terms now. He’s yet to star in more episodes and says that in the interim, he takes up other appearances that come his way and gets by on them.

Alluding to seemingly having “anger issues”, he blames the ordeals he has been through for that, as, he wonders why he has been created differently from others. He also said his responsibilities to his mother and siblings also keep him on edge. Even with these piling responsibilities on his plate, Don makes time to have fun with women and beds them in guest houses when he can.

When asked about his father, the actor said he has forgiven him but won’t grant his wish of building a relationship with him.

By: Ferguson/Gh Links

Written by K Oteng

K.Oteng is a reporter and editor for based in Accra-Ghana

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