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My Own Daughter Did Not Involve Me In Her Wedding – Becca’s Mum Cries

Few days ago, GC reported that a source had told them that, Becca’s husband Tobi has tagged her a witch and that her own daughter has cut her off.

Becca’s mother in a live Facebook interview with Chris Vincent of has finally revealed that she was not allowed to partake in her own daughter’s (Becca) wedding.

According to her, she was not allowed to be involved in the preparation through to the final day where she was even sidelined as a ‘common floor member’.

She sadly revealed it has always been her desire to be hugely involved in her daughter’s wedding, but that dream could not be fulfilled even though her daughter knew it was her greatest wish.

During the wedding, she noted she was ignored as though she wasn’t part of the family marking that milestone. And instead of taking a seat at where the family were to be she was rather at the back seat.

She said; “I told my sister, I’m very uncomfortable with where we’re seating because I know as a mother I have to be at the forefront…”

“It was very very sad. That moment I didn’t know what to do, whether I should just cry, I didn’t know what to do because this should have been a special day for me.

“In my life, I’ve always been dreaming that I have to be a big part of my daughter’s wedding, and she knew. I told her that when its time for your wedding let me feel proud as a mother,” she added.

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