My Husband is Forcing Me to Cheat

My Husband is Forcing Me to Cheat
My Husband is Forcing Me to Cheat

I’m married but the problem is, my husband refuses me sex even when I seriously yearn for it. And one of my motive is to have a baby but anytime I try during my ovulation time, he refuses me.

My husband doesn’t give me sex when I need it.I want to have a baby but he is refusing to give in anytime I initiate it.

He is soo annoying to me and I feel like slapping him kraa. I don’t want to cheat but I’m so depressed over his attitude.

He comes for it whenever he needs it but it’s only once in a blue moon. After that, he’ll avoid me.

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The thing is I’m aging and will hit 35 soon so at least lets us try with one baby but he says no.

Why? I’m tired and worried and don’t even know my fate if I can be able to conceive.

I might try getting it outside wedlock. I even told him in annoyance and he said I can go and have sex anywhere if I want.

I need help, please.

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