My husband doesn’t like it when I post twerking videos – Anita Joseph

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My husband doesn’t like it when I post twerking videos – Anita Joseph

Anita Joseph has revealed that she will no longer be serving fans their favourite twerking videos on social media because her husband frowns on it.

The actress who tied the knot on Valentine’s day made this statement in an interview with Punch’s Saturday Beats.

According to Anita Joseph, she will no longer take controversial roles in movies and has stopped twerking on social media now that she is married.

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Explaining the reason for her decision, the actress said:

“I’ll miss my twerking videos. My husband does not like them. He once told me, ‘Your body is massive and you’re the most beautiful girl that I’ve ever seen.

“Please don’t twerk anymore. However, I twerk in the room these days.”

Speaking about why they decided to get married on the day of love, Anita Joseph said, her husband gave her the freedom to choose their marriage date and since they were in love, they scheduled their union for the day of love.

She said:

“We decided to get legally married on Valentine’s Day because we are in love with love.

“My husband gave me the liberty to choose the date because it is generally believed that the wedding is for the woman.

“I feel very happy to be off the single ladies’ market. Many people tried to discourage me from settling down with him but I handled it well because I’m used to Internet trolls and naysayers.

“I knew what people were going to say even before I started the relationship. So I was ready for them.

“All I can say is that, I have a man that loves and understands me, so it has been easy for him to handle me since 2017.

“Even though I had many male admirers who were ready to do anything to have me, I stayed with him because I’m a one-man woman and he makes me happy.

“He gave me everything I wanted in a man. I don’t care about any other person; I just love being with him.”

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