“My dad enjoyed beating and punishing mum” -Osinachi Nwachukwu’s first son speaks, spills more

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The first son of the late gospel artist, Osinachi Nwachukwu has revealed how their father, Pastor Peter Nwachukwu, “always instilled that beating women is good”, in them.

In a chat with the first born, the boy gave the graphic ordeal his mom has been going through with his dad and how he beats her up in any little argument.

He recounted how his father seized the two cars Osinachi Nwachukwu was gifted by people, thereby forcing her to always board bikes.

Eneh Ogbe who had a meeting with the boy and other children of the artist made the disclosure, she said:

“By God’s grace I was in our beloved late sister’s house this evening again and am glad that he was actually arrested by the police.. But what baffles me is the way and manner he has polluted the children’s mind.

I had a chat with the first born and i almost started crying again. This boy told me the ordeal his mom has been going thru with his dad, how he beats her up in any little argument, he said anti my dad pushed my mom out of the car at night after wed service and bad boys snatched my mom bag that night how mom got home that night i cnt tell cos dad left her,people dashed my mom this two cars (pointed at them for me to see) but dad at times will say my mom shuld take bike while we go in the car, even when we are coming back from church my mom will stand under the sun and we will drive and pass her and we will wave at her, my dad told us that beating women is good.. I had to cut in the conversation and i told him is very very wrong to beat a woman and that God is against it and i really talk sense into him.. He said they are happy that their dad was arrested becos he shout beat them up too.. The second born sang for us too he has a golden voice like the mom.. The first said my mom always keep quiet for my daddy and she always forgive and now she has died and i told him not to worry as his mom is in heaven!!! May the soul of our beloved sister rest in peace and may God take care of her four kids she left behind Amen!!”

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