MUST-READ: 10 Annoying Things People Do In A Whatsapp Group

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WhatsApp is arguably the most common cross-platform instant messaging app in the world. Your bestfriend is on WhatsApp, your lecturer is there, your mother probably is on WhatsApp too. It is one of the easier to use, and fastest platforms to share and receive information. Every gossip is circulated via WhatsApp. “Oh, she said something that got recorded on tape? Send it to me via WhatsApp,” “did you take pictures at the party? Send them to me through WhatsApp.”

Groups can even be formed on WhatsApp. It’s just like being with your squad and chit-chatting. Only this time, you’re all in your homes in different parts of the world and engaging in the conversation… on WhatsApp.


But WhatsApp groups can be annoying. Yup. Really annoying. I’ll tell you why. Remember when you woke up one morning and saw ‘you were added’ to a group chat? First, your permission wasn’t sought. Moreover, almost always you don’t know most of the members in the group. Isn’t that right? Right. Annoying.


Now, let’s talk about some annoying stuff people do in Whatsapp groups. If we’re able to highlight 10 of these stuff, then it means these groups can really be annoying.

1. Stressing on the point above, a group administrator adding you to a group in which you know none of the participants. That, right there, is so annoying. Then, you’re made an administrator also. Oh God!

2. If you’re unlucky and find yourself in a group with people who are talkative, then you’re dead! Say bye to your internet bundle and R.I.P to your battery. The administrator or any random individual initiates the conversation by sending ‘let’s know each other by introducing ourselves and attaching our best pictures to them. And plz no edited pics…”

3. Oh I haven’t forgotten the number ‘stealers’. Those sly ones who deliberately go through the group’s information and steal the numbers of others Pretty ladies in these groups usually fall victim to this. Next thing you know, “hi, I’m Alex from lovers rock page. How r u?”

4. Those who do copy and paste without reading the messages are the most annoying, if you ask me. Sending a ‘Happy Christmas’ message in September? Helloooo!

5. INTERNET PREACHERS:The word of God is good but sometimes annoying in these groups. Do these preachers practise what they preach at all? They send ‘send this to 7 others and receive 7 blessings else you will hear 7 bad news in the next 7 hours’. Please, are you God?!

6. Whatsapp groups can get frustrating when people with enough data bundles to waste post stale jokes, not-so-funny ‘pasco’ images and ‘nonfa’ audios. If your settings permit automatic download then I’m sure your gallery and playlist is filled with images of people who don’t exist, boring audio and videos.

7. Boredom can really make people annoying in such groups. They change the group’s icon and name depending on their mood. You get notified that ‘Adwoa changed the group’s name to “I want pizza ” or ‘who will be my bf?’

8. ONLINE MARKETERS:Sometimes I wonder how much they make from disturbing people with fake links like “learn how to make 200,000 monthly by just pressing your phone” or ” get 10gig for just 1000cedis ”

9. UNNECESSARY CHATS :When two people engage each other in a conversation that’s meant for only they both. Like, hello, can you take this chat elsewhere? Ah.

10. You get so fed up, you exit the group. Next thing you know, you’re added again and see the group name changed to ‘No One Leaves’. ANNOYING.

Every text, image, audio, and video is sent through WhatsApp.
WhatsApp is a great app. Let’s all enjoy it. Stop being annoying in WhatsApp groups, please.

Eugene Nyavor

Written by Eugene Nyavor

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