Mr Macaroni Net Worth – 2021

Mr Macaroni

With an estimated net worth of $117,000, Mr Macaroni real name Debo Adedayo is a 28-year-old renowned Nigerian actor, comedian, social media influencer, and activist.

The Nigerian comedian is among the country’s most prominent celebrities and one of its wealthiest.

One of his greatest contributions to comedy is pioneering the transition from stand-up performances and narratives into skits.

Among his catchphrases are “ooin,” “Fantabulous,” “you’re doing well,” and “freaky freaky”

In the short period of time since he made his debut as a comedian and has made a big impression in Nigeria’s comedy industry as a comic actor and skit maker.

Mr Macaroni Has a Net Worth of Over $117,000 He Earned from Comedy

Comedy skits have fetched Mr Macaroni a considerable amount of money.

His income is estimated at $117,000.

Though it is not possible to determine exactly how much money he has made from comedy alone, it is believed he has made so much of it from his funny videos and parodies.

Regardless of how large Mr Macaroni’s net worth might be, it is imperative to note that it is merely a conservative estimate, as some reports have it that he might be worth up to $160,000.

In spite of his wealth, Mr. Macaroni is comfortably on the lower end of the scale when compared to Nigeria’s top 10 most wealthy comedians.

At the top of the list is Ali Baba — he has a net worth of $7million — followed by Akpororo, who has a net worth of $850,000.

M. Macaroni is, however, deserving of praise, seeing what little he has accomplished so far.

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In addition, his ingenuity was evident when he created a comical character that many wealthy Nigerian men could relate to.

A Look At His Other Sources of Income

Besides his entertainment company, advertising, and filming, the entertainer also makes money from social media (including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter).

Although he has earned money from these sources, he hasn’t disclosed their total amounts. Nevertheless, they contributed to the enormous net worth Mr. Macaroni currently enjoys.

His YouTube Channel and Facebook Contributes to His Net Worth

Besides being an artist, Mr. Macaroni is also earns money from Youtube Monetization Program and Facebook Ad breaks.

He has over 389,000 subscribers and 7 million views on his YouTube channel and also 2.2 million followers on Instagram with over 20 million views on Facebook.

With the multiple subscriptions, followers and views, it’s believed that the thespian earns a lot from his Facebook and Youtube accounts.

His videos gained massive recognition, thereby increasing his income.

He First Earned Money as an Actor

Before moving into comedy, Mr. Macaroni delved into acting in 2014.

He was a member of his secondary school’s drama team and once performed in a production of Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice.

In the same year, he went through an acting course at the PEFTI film institute.

He began auditioning for movie roles after graduating from acting school.

He has appeared in several movies and drama series, including

House 31
Jenifa’s Diary
Royal Outlaw
SuperStory and most recent

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