Most Young Musicians Are Only Interested In Hyping Their Work Rather Than Taking Advice – Rex Omar

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Veteran musician, Rex Owusu Marfo best known in showbiz as Rex Omar has said that the young generation of musicians aren’t interested in advice anymore but come to them (the older artiste) for hype and investment.

His comment follows a statement made by veteran musician Amakye Dede where he highlighted that the doors of older musicians in this country are always open to the younger musicians.

Amakye Dede said in an interview some few days ago that the older musicians are always ready to advice younger ones about their music career, elaborating that he has survived in the music industry for more than 4 decades because he sought for advice from his seniors in the game.

In a phone interview with Andy Dosty of Hitz Fm on Thursday as monitored by, Rex Omar said it was good for young artistes to approach the older ones for advice because it is what sustains the careers of younger musicians. He recounted that he has had to consult older musicians in order to progress in his music career. “It’s a pride for every artiste that a young artiste will come to him. I still consult the big artistes like Nana Ampedu, Agya Koo Nimo, etc.”

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However, he stated emphatically that it is sad that most of the young musicians of today aren’t interested in their advice but approach them (the older musicians) because they want endorsements and investments into their careers. He highlighted that it is rather unfortunate that such happens in this current dispensation.

He added that most at times younger musicians come to them for collaborations when their works aren’t good enough. He stated that collaborations aren’t done because it’s requested and that the work must be good enough.

He advised young musicians to sought for guidance and counseling rather than fame to in order to have long careers in music.

Written by K Oteng

K.Oteng is a reporter and editor for based in Accra-Ghana

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