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Morad Tahbaz Family: Meet His Wife Vida Tahbaz And Daughter Tara Tahbaz

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Morad Tahbaz family plays an instrumental role in his life, supporting him in his business and conservation endeavors. He has done a lot for the conservation of the environment.

A passionate conservationist and businessman from Iran, Morad Tahbaz is at the center of a compelling global drama.

Tahbaz co-founded the Persian Wildlife Heritage Foundation (PWHF) to preserve Iran’s unique biodiversity. 

However, Morad and eight other members of the PWHF were detained by Iranian authorities in January 2018 on the accusation of spying and acting against the interests of national security, among other serious offenses.

This incident shocked the world’s conservation community and led to a widespread call for their release.

Despite the recommendations of the Presidential Commission, Morad Tahbaz was given a 10-year prison term by the Iranian judiciary in November 2019.

Nonetheless, on March 16, 2022, he was given a brief release “on furlough” after years in jail, giving his family and supporters some optimism.

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Morad Tahbaz Family: Who Is Morad Tahbaz Wife Vida Tahbaz?

Morad Tahbaz family has been showing their strength and resilience in this challenging time that their family is suffering.

Vida Tahbaz, his wife, becomes a stand-in for unwavering strength and perseverance.

The ordeal has significantly impacted Vida’s life even though Morad has been imprisoned and subject to legal difficulties in Iran for several years. 

Moreover, Vida Tahbaz lives a life entwined with her husband’s love of wildlife protection. She is a tri-national with US, Iran, and the UK passports.

Together, the couple has spent almost 43 years overcoming obstacles in life as partners and adventurers.

When Vida’s husband was detained in Iran in 2018, her life took a devastating turn.

Morad Tahbaz’s wife has been a source of strength for her family during this difficult time. (Source: Amnesty)

Additionally, she accompanied her husband to Iran because she shared his affection for the country.

The profound sense of uncertainty and estrangement from her husband has defined Vida Tahbaz’s existence.

While Morad’s wife cannot leave Iran due to a travel ban, he has to deal with imprisonment and the difficulties of prison life.

Vida Tahbaz has shown remarkable resiliency throughout this challenging path, supporting her family as a solid foundation.

Even in the face of tremendous hardships, she has been a source of comfort and assistance.

Furthermore, she will stop at nothing to have her husband liberated and her family reunited.

Vida continues to serve as a source of inspiration as the entire world follows the continuous attempts to obtain Morad Tahbaz’s release.

Meet Morad Tahbaz Daughter, Tara Tahbaz

Tara Tahbaz, Morad Tahbaz’s daughter, has spoken out about her complicated emotions upon her father’s release from Tehran’s Evin Prison.

Although the family first experienced relief and joy, there is an underlying concern about her father’s future.

Moreover, when she made her father’s first video call after his release, she said she was “ecstatic” and felt “relieved.”

After years of uncertainty and suffering, this time represented a critical turning point for her and her family.

Tara acknowledged her immediate joy and concern for what lies ahead.

Morad Tahbaz’s daughter Tara fears what the future holds for her father. (Source: Sky News)

In addition, the family’s journey has been filled with uncertainty, difficulty with the law, and other hardships.

Given the complexity of her father’s condition and the relevant geopolitical circumstances, Tara’s worry is understandable.

Tahbaz emphasized her family’s dissatisfaction in 2022 when her father’s release was not as anticipated due to the UK government’s accord with Iran.

Despite the family’s hopes that he would be granted a leave, they were devastated when he was sent back to jail after only two days.

While Tara and her family await the day when her father will be genuinely home in the United States, they are grateful for their progress. 

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