Miracle Says He’ll Buy Nina a Car [Video]


Big Brother Niaja 2018 winner Miracle has revealed that he’s going to get his love interest in the house Nina, a car.


He made this known in an interview with The Nation Newspapers, published on Friday. Miracle & Nina (MiNa) and Tobi & Alex (ToLex) sat down for the interview with the paper.

He had been asked if he was going to get her a car as he promised while in the house, and Miracle clarified that he didn’t say he was going to get her a car, but only advised her on the kind of car to get and also promised to teach her how to drive when she told him she couldn’t.


He however said he is going to get her the car.

His words; “I was telling her about this Toyota Yaris, it’s a very small car ‘cos she doesn’t know how to drive and wanted me to teach her. So i was like fine, if you’re going to learn how to drive, it’ll be nice you have this Toyota Yaris, It’s a very small and portable car. It’s a very strong car, economical wise, it’s legit. So the whole idea is if you get out of the house and you want to get a car, it’ll be a Toyota Yaris, Not that i promised her, but i’ll get it for her.

Interviewer: So you’ll get it for her?

He responded; Yes.

Watch (Discussion about the car starts at the 9.30 minute mark):

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