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On March 3, Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim turned 30. The single mother-of-one was widely celebrated both in Nigeria and Ghana. Juliet spoke with NAIJ.com on why she lives more in Nigeria than in Ghana, life as a single mother and marriage.
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How do you feel turning 30?

For me, turning 30 signifies a grand entrance to an exciting new phase in my life considering that it’s a milestone. I relish birthdays and I love celebrating birthdays because it’s always fun to get together and have a good time with family and friends.

Looking back at your life what do you think you should have done which you haven’t at 30?

My 20s were spent exploring myself, my creativity and my sense of purpose. There’s really pretty much nothing, regardless of the ups and downs I may have encountered, I must say I’m a lucky person. That being said, I still have more mountains to conquer and more exploits to do.

Any action taken that you regret ever taking?

I don’t let my past define me, so I don’t have regrets. If I fail at something, it’s just a lesson and an eye-opener to guide me to do it better the next time.


Several times you have broken the internet with your high end fashion, what does style mean to you?

Style is being confident enough in your own skin and yourself in order to be able to pull off any look you want and wear anything that suits your fashion taste.

You wowed all at the GLO-CAF awards with your two outfits. What came to your mind while choosing those outfits?

Thank you for the compliment. I just wanted to look elegant and …. And I’m happy I was able to achieve that with the help of my friend one of the best stylists in this part, Swanky Jerry. I left everything in his hands and he delivered.

You stay more in Nigeria than your country home. What explains this?

Nigeria is my second home as well as my work base so it’s convenient for me to be in Nigeria most of the time.

I think you might get a Nigerian husband if you don’t watch it. Trust Ghanaians won’t mind.

(Laughs) I’m certainly not looking at the moment but who knows, I may get swept off my feet by a Nigerian guy.

You have been linked to some Nigerian guys. You were even mentioned during Ushbebe’s comedy show, how true is that?

I have been linked with so many names including Chris Brown. I woke up one morning to an article that I was dating Chris Brown (lol) I think people are simply eager to know who I’m dating or in a relationship with but I’m a very private person and I don’t intend having my private life out in the public till need be. I’m a friendly person and in my field of work I tend to keep a lot of friends and acquaintances in both sexes.

You were mentioned during comedian Ayo Makun’s rumored marriage break up. Why do you think your name was mentioned?

Who mentioned my name? It’s a free world and people can go on social media and comment whatever they want. That doesn’t mean I should take every single comment or rumour seriously. I have been acting for 10 years now hence I’m used to hearing made up stories and funny comments about myself from people who actually do not know me at all.

You have featured in Hausa and Yoruba movies; how did you manage to speak those languages?

I had to learn how to speak some Yoruba and Hausa while on set of the movies.

Do you speak any Nigerian languages at all?

Why not? I’m working on it.

How was growing up for you, schools you attended, siblings, and life as a single mother.

Everyone’s life experience is of course unique, growing up for me was very eventful because we grew up in war torn countries so my family and I were always relocating. I grew up in Liberia, Lebanon and Ivory Coast before we finally moved back to Ghana.

There were happy moments when I was in school but most of my childhood moments are not quite exciting and worthy of recounting. I had my primary education in Lebanon, then proceeded to Ivory Coast for my secondary education then later went on to the Ghana Institute of Languages to study English, French and Spanish. I also went to Ghana institute of Journalism, where I studied marketing, advertising and public relations. I make out time for my son, besides my family is very supportive and we help out each other. My mum is there and so are my sisters. When I’m not around, I know my son is in good hands.

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