Rising DJ, Michelle Abesin reportedly drowns in Lagos

Michelle Abesin
Michelle Abesin

It has been reported that an emerging DJ, Michelle Abesin, drowned at a beach in Lagos on Thursday, 18 November 2021.

On the basis of reports on the web, it appears Michelle Abesin drowned at a popular beach in Lagos.

In an Instagram post, the sister of 21-year-old DJ confirmed the incident.

She posted a picture of Michelle on her Instagram story with the caption, “God why? Ahh Michelle”, accompanied with crying emojis.

Astonished by the news, she wrote, ” I’m in shock. God don’t let this be the end. I need a miracle right now. My sister can’t be gone.”

Stella also wrote, “Where’s my sister? Where’s her body? I can’t breathe”.

In addition, the disc jokey’s sister claimed that people watched on as her sister drowned.

 She wrote, “My sister did not deserve this, I can’t breathe. They all stood there and watched her drown. God where’s my sister?? Where’s her body?”

This indicated that the body of the DJ hadn’t been recovered from the beach yet.

From the Instagram stories available on the DJ’s page, it was clear that the incident occurred shortly after she updated her story with a video of herself at the beach.

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