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Michael Kojo Essien was born in Accra on the 3rd day of December 1982. He was born to his mother, Aba Gyandoh and father, James Essien. Essien attended Gomoa Nyanyano DC Primary and JSS in Ghana. He was this humble and intelligent school child during his childhood days.

He began his football career after graduating from St. Augustine’s College in Cape Coast, playing at a local club called Liberty Professionals. Essien broke through when he played in the 1999 FIFA U-17 World Championship in New Zealand. European scouts began to take notice, and Essien had a trial at Manchester United in April 2000. He played in the club’s under-17 team’s defeat to Derby County.

Manchester United offered him a contract, but he was ineligible to obtain a work permit in the United Kingdom. He, therefore, considered joining Belgian feeder club Royal Antwerp until he was eligible to move to England. However, his mother meanwhile preferred a move to France instead.

After a five-year stint in France, Essien acquired French citizenship. He played for Bastia from 2000 until 2003, and Lyon from 2003 to 2005 before making the move to Chelsea. The rest, as they say, is now history.

After dating many ladies and tasting the four walls of relationships, Michael Essien decided to settle down with Mrs Akosua Puni Essien who is a British citizen of Ghanaian origin.

She once bought an Italian club for €237,000 at a bankruptcy auction held by FC Como Limited. The figure was €10,000 more than the starting price. Below is a photo of Michael Essien and wife in a radiant look.

michael essian wife

Family Life

Michael Essien was raised from a poor family background.

James Essien, his biological father once had a rage with his son due to Michael’s failure to cater for him in recent years.

Consequently, the father has stated that Michael should cease using the name ‘Essien’ as his surname.

“I have been ill for over a year now. It is Kyeremeh (Berekum Chelsea board chairman) who takes care of me, and I see no point in Michael continuing to bear my name,” he once said on Ghana Happy Sports.

Reacting to what might have caused the player’s allegedly irresponsible acts, James Essien said…, “His mother has been ill-advising him to stop providing for my upkeep. I will go all out to ensure that he stops using my name. Even if I have to drag him to the law courts, I will do that,” he added.

Michael Essien is alleged to have shirked his duty of taking care of his father for some time now. Below is a photo of James Essien in an unhealthy but happy state of mind.

James Essien is used to going to the media to solicit for his medical bills. This happened between 2008 to 2010, a time when Michael was at the peak of his career. Michael Essien himself has also come out to debunk claims made by his dad. Both allegations and counter-allegations by both father and son, once attracting mixed reactions from the Ghanaian populace.

In an effort to uncover the truth, people took a trip to the father’s village where James Essien confirmed that indeed his son had neglected him. The picture below was what they saw.

The Chelsea midfielder upon hearing this tried to douse the flames by releasing a statement, which read: ‘I have faced many many difficult challenges in my life but this is the hardest thing I have ever done as my heart bleeds over the false statements recently peddled by a small section of the Ghanaian media goaded by my own father. I had never wanted to discuss my family in public or any good I do to anyone because when you do good, you go only for God’s recognition. Given what I have done for my father when I was told of the false, vile and degrading comments he made about me, I wept because people normally do not get insults for doing good.

‘But my father decided to pay me back in such a terrible way. Because of this, I have been unfortunately forced to say what I have done for him because he has gone to the extreme to disgrace my family. I will like to state the following facts:

1. My father currently lives in a three-bedroom house (not mud house) I instructed my sister to build for him with my own money.

2. He is visited monthly and more recently twice a week by my sister Diana on my orders to regularly give him money and other essentials I send. My mother, whom he has insulted so much, also provides for him.

3. I bought a car for him to make his transportation easier and part of the money I provide for him is used to fuel the car or repair it when it breaks down.

4. When his illness broke out I asked for him to be taken to the Asikuma Hospital but he said he wants traditional medicine.

‘I provided money for him to undergo traditional treatment. It came to nothing and I ordered for him to be taken to the hospital. My family I believe have also organised for a nurse to come home and look after him on regular basis. Because of these reasons and many more reasons I won’t state publicly, I am shocked by what he is alleged to have said but God knows I have done my best to thoroughly look after a man who didn’t even raise me or take part in my upbringing and who has 8 other children who can help.’

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