Melissa Horton: How Memphis cops shot 43 year old mother-of-three nearly 20 times

Melissa Horton
Melissa Horton

A man in Fayette County, Tennessee, Preston Morris, is grieving the loss of his fiancée Melissa Horton after she was shot and killed by Shelby County deputies in March.

The deputies were attempting to pull over Melissa Horton, 43, for a traffic stop.

However, Melissa Horton appeared to try to evade the deputies and was eventually boxed in.

The deputies approached the vehicle with guns drawn and fired multiple shots, killing Melissa Horton.

Horton’s fiancé, Preston Morris, saw the dashcam footage of the shooting for the first time on Tuesday after District Attorney Steve Mulroy announced that the deputies would not be charged.

Morris expressed his anger and disbelief at the deputies’ actions, saying that they “They didn’t have to go in there gung-ho and gun her down like a dog. That’s the only thing that bothers me,”

Morris said that Horton had a drinking problem and had become upset with him on the day of the shooting when he told her she needed help.

He called police from his home in Fayette County, but he said that he never expected them to kill her.

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office has said that the deputies used deadly force because they felt threatened by Horton.

However, Morris and other critics of the shooting say that the deputies used excessive force and that Horton did not pose a real threat to them.

The shooting of Melissa Horton is a tragic reminder of the dangers that people of color face when interacting with police. It is also a reminder of the need for police reform and accountability.

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