Meaghan Havenstein: Bio, age, career, husband, children & other facts about Rob Havenstein Wife

Meaghan Havenstein, Rob Havenstein Wife
Meaghan Havenstein and Rob Havenstein

We get to discuss Meaghan Havenstein, wife of American footballer Rob Havenstein.

Even though she chooses to live a private life, she still comes up for discussion as her husband is a celebrity footballer well known in the NFL.

Let’s know her;

Who is Meaghan Havenstein?

Meaghan Leah Conwey, now Meaghan Havenstein is the wife of American professional footballer Rob Havenstein.

She was born in Wisconsin in the United States of America.

She was born to Michael Conwey and Linda Conwey.

Her father is active on social media, where he serves as an advocate for community health and raises funds for people living with cancer, autism, asthma, etc.

Her mother on the other hand keeps a very low profile.

She has a younger sibling, Mike Conwey Jnr, who is also in the line of community health just like his father.

Meaghan attended University of Wisconsin. Her actual program which she studied is not yet known. 

She is a white American and also a devoted Christian.

How old is Meaghan Havenstein?

Meaghan Havenstein was born on 3rd September, 1991. That makes her 32  years as at the time of writing this article.


Very little is known about the career of Meaghan Havenstein. She has kept that part of her life very private.

Who is the husband of Meaghan Havenstein?


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Meaghan Havenstein is married to Rob Havenstein.

Rob is a professional American footballer who plays offensive tackle for Los Angeles Rams.

He was born on 13th May, 1992 in Maryland in the United States of America and attended University of Wisconsin where he played college football. 

Her parents are Gary and Chery Havenstein. Before that, he played football and basketball for Liganore High School.

Rob started his professional football career in 2015 playing for St. Loius Rams. They later changed their name to Los Angeles Rams.

He has been with them for seven seasons, winning personal accolades for himself whiles he helps his team to win too.

He met his wife Meaghan while they were in College at Wisconsin.

The two fell in love though Meaghan was a few months older than him.

They had their wedding in March, 2017, away from home in Santa Barbara, California. They were engaged a year before in March 2016.

Who are the children of Meaghan Havenstein?

Meaghan Havenstein with husband Rob Havenstein and children
Meaghan Havenstein with husband Rob Havenstein and children

Meaghan’s marriage with Rob is blessed with two daughters; Bria Rose and Lucy Havenstein. 

Other facts about Meaghan Havenstein;

Meaghan likes to keep a very secret life, away from the spectacles of society.

Her zodiac sign is Virgo. She identifies herself as a devoted Christian. 

Written by K Oteng

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