Maya Gordon: Moment 2 female footballers throw punches at each other during women’s soccer game

Maya Gordon, Ramsey Davis
Maya Gordon, Ramsey Davis

A video going viral on the internet shows the moment 2 female footballers identified as Maya Gordon and Ramsey Davis throw punches and drag each other by the hair in wild fight during women’s soccer game.

The incident occurred during the second overtime of the SEC Tournament game with LSU’s Maya Gordon and Ole Miss’s Ramsey Davis grappling for the ball near the touchline.

Davis, a junior, appeared to grab Maya Gordon, who is a senior, by the waist before the two players exchanged punches.

A referee attempted to separate the two as the fight escalated, with players and coaches from both teams running over to defuse the situation.

Watch video below

LSU’s Rammie Noel, who is also a senior, then sprinted over to the scene and reportedly grabbed Davis by the hair, pulling her to the ground.

Gordon can be seen on the sidelines in tears after the altercation. Meanwhile, Davis was seen talking to her teammates as she fixed her ponytail.

Coaches from both teams had to step in to eventually break up the brawl before the referee marched over to showed Davis, Gordon and Noel red cards.

Senior Gordon could later be seen ushered off the field by a member of LSU staff in tears, holding her hair.

With two players ejected, things only went down hill for the Tigers as they eventually suffered a 3-0 defeat to Ole Miss.

All three players have reportedly received a one-game suspension for their involvement in the brawl.

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