“Your marriage won’t last if you refuse to cook for your husband” -Grace Omaboe #iamghlinks

Actress Grace Omaboe ‘Maame Dokono’ has weighed in on the ongoing feminists debate on why it isn’t right for women to cook for men.

Grace, who spoke to TV3, has sent a word of caution to young women to ensure their husbands are well fed to assume their role in taking care of the home.

According to Maame Dokonoo, married women who fail to cook for their husbands stand the risk of losing their marriages.

“Listen to me, if you think that your man loves you too much and you won’t cook for your husband then your marriage won’t last.”

She continued that it is important for women to cook for their husbands and children to ensure the smooth running of the home.

 “You have to cook for your husband and children, and you’ve got to take good care of your home as well,” she said.She added that cooking is no slavery as purported by some young women, in a bid for equality with their male counterparts.

According to the veteran actress, women ought to adopt means to finding a fair balance between their careers and managing the home.

”If you are a woman, and you feel you won’t cook for your husband and he will still love you then you are playing.”

She explained that marriage is a partnership between a man and a woman, hence the need for each party to contribute their quota towards the success of the union.




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