Mariam Issouf: ‘Green Goblin’ suspect member released without bail in NYC subway beating

Mariam Issouf
Mariam Issouf

Mariam Issouf, a 26 year old suspected member of the ‘Green Goblin’ gang of female thieves that robbed and terrorized two teens on the New York subway was released without bail on Tuesday.

Mariam Issouf was released after being brought to court on a second-degree robbery charge following a subway robbery on October 2 in which she was caught on camera.

Issouf left Manhattan Criminal Court with a black leather jacket covering her face and her lawyer John Russo by her side, the New York Post reported.

‘She did nothing wrong,’ said Russo as he left court with his client, who he said had no prior criminal record.

‘She assaulted not one of the victims and is seen on videotape saying, “I want no part of this, Let’s go.”‘

Russo even suggested that Issouf actually ‘tried to assist the victim’.

Her release comes after she gave herself up on Monday afternoon after being identified by police on Friday as one of the suspects in the horrifying attack.

Emily Soto, 34, Ciante Alston and Dariana Peguero, both 26, have also been named as alleged members of the gang. The four have 15 arrests between them, authorities said.

All four suspects are residents of the New York City Housing Authority’s Queensboro Houses, according to NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig.

Peguero has the most extensive criminal record with nine arrests, while Aston has three and Soto two. All three are still at large, while the other suspects in the gang have not yet been identified. Issouf had only been arrested once previously.

The horrifying attack comes as robberies in New York City are up a shocking 36 per cent on last year.

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