The terrifying harm makeup has being causing you.

Undoubtedly, makeup when applied efficiently enhances your natural beauty and urges yourself-confidence.
Over time, it has grown as a necessity, in that; people invest half of their hard-earned income into it.
For some women, their addiction to makeup has grown so strong that they can hardly go a day without it.
But then, beneath the look-enhancing role of makeup, prolonged use of these beauty enhancing products exposes one to some threats:
1. Eye-makeup can damage the eye.
Eye-makeup in particular can be very detrimental to the eye if it exceeds its expiration date. The eye is one sensitive part of the body that is most vulnerable hence demands special care and protection.
Poor makeup habits can expose the eye to severe threat. Experts have advised against excessive eye makeup of any kind, remains from mascara, liners and shadow can create breading grounds for infections. Mascara also contains pseudomonas aeruginosa which is a very harmful therapy bacterium.
2.Cancer and other chronic diseases.
What more, the harmful effects of makeup aren’t limited to the skin alone. Lipsticks and eye shadows for instance contain lead, aluminum, zinc oxide and so on which can affect the nervous system and result in high blood pressure and allergies. What really happens is that we end up licking the lipstick we apply on the lips
3. A threat to the reproductive organs
Use of cosmetics that contains talcum powder when this comes into direct contact with the organs can affect the reproductive organs. Talcum powder for instance can affect the menstrual cycle and create some form of imbalances.
4.Headache and severe fatigue
Reports show that some women suffer severe headaches after wearing makeup for long periods of time. For others, it exposes them to severe fatigue. In some instances, the chemicals can seep into you blood stream and ultimately damage your internal organs over time.
Even when you have to wear makeup, just ensure that it doesn’t stay for a long time and create care should be taken to ensure that nothing is left behind when you are removing the makeup.
5.Leads to ageing
The list will not be complete without talking about its contribution to ageing. It makes you look older than you are. Prolonged use of makeup using these products on your skin will even increase the wrinkles, lines and the spots you are trying to conceal.
6. Skin allergies
Research has proven that all make comprises of artificial substances and a large number of chemicals which in turn can harm the skin. Some have cited skin irritation, allergies and even cancer as some of the possible outcomes of excessive use of makeup.
If you are a heavy user of makeup, learn to accept that they cause lots of harm than good. They rather worsen the spots you are trying to conceal. Instead, resort to natural methods such as eating well.
By : Hagar Afia Ofosuwaa/ Gh Links



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