Lydia Forson Fires Back at Ghanaian Media For ‘No Panties’ Controversy At Glitz Style Awards 2015.

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Lydia Forson became the talk of the town on Ghana’s social media platform over a picture that captured her sitting down in her Glitz Style Awards red carpet dress. She wore an interesting slit black trouser with a white button shirt and black jabot.

In a picture, the left thigh of the Ghanaian celebrity was exposed. Unfortunately for the actress, and for some reason, the entertainment blogs rushed to the conclusion that the award winning actress paraded the event with no panties on, making it the most talked about outfit from the event.

Lydia Forson recently backfired at the Ghanaian press, she replied that she is not begging anyone to see her as such and has cautioned them to mind their own business.

One fan wrote on his Facebook page and tagged the actress; “Did she really wear that?!!! Auntie Lydia Forson why now?!!! Aisha Asantewaah Salis you see your woman?!!”

The Adams Apple actress replied; “Ma da kraaaaaa. If you want to see me as your role model that’s your business oh!! Me I’m no one’s role model, I don’t want anyone to look up to me.

And if I go naked what is it to you? Do I come to your house telling you what to do? Or you’re feeding and paying my bills? Mind your DAMN business!! Geez stop being a self righteous twat!!! You’re sticking your tongue out in your picture like a damn prostitute but am I complaining?”, she wrote.

What a sad way to conclude a beautiful outfit on the red carpet, nevertheless, that is the media for you, a story is a story.


Eugene Nyavor

Written by Eugene Nyavor

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