Luis Collado: How a Jealous husband killed wife, Rosa Acevedo in Brooklyn shooting

Luis Collado: How a Jealous husband killed wife, Rosa Acevedo in Brooklyn shooting

A disturbing incident unfolded in East New York, Brooklyn, resulting in the tragic death of Rosa Acevedo, a woman in her 40s, and severe injuries to her stepson during a shooting on Friday evening, according to both witnesses and law enforcement officials.

The suspected perpetrator, identified as 52-year-old Luis Collado, was apprehended following the incident, as per official sources.

Neighbors, identifying Collado as Acevedo’s husband, recounted that Collado allegedly harbored jealousy, suspecting his wife of infidelity.

Victor Cruz, a neighbor, revealed Collado’s disturbing intentions: “He was jealous. He said ‘I’m going to kill her, I’m going to murder her, I’m going to shoot her.'”

Reports emerged from multiple neighbors, affirming Collado’s ominous statements about his intentions to harm his wife.

Witnesses described the harrowing sight of the wounded stepson being carried out of the residence by emergency responders. One witness, Kennedy, expressed the distressing scene, stating, “I saw them rushing [him] out to the ambulance. He was all blood. His head was wrapped in a towel and he was gushing blood. It was awful.”

A handgun could be seen resting on the ledge of a courtyard near the scene of the shooting as cops investigated into Friday night.

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