Leave your man if he can’t satisfy you – Princess Shyngle

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Leave your man if he can’t satisfy you – Princess Shyngle

Actress Princess Shyngle has advised ladies to quit relationships with men who cannot satisfy them in bed.

In a post on Instagram, the Gambian based in Ghana indicated that it will be a waste of time for any lady to worry herself in a relationship in which they do not orgasm.

“Never stay in a relationship with someone who can’t make you cum,” she posted.

Princess Shyngle’s advise come at a time when there is a lot of talk about the contribution of sexual satisfaction to the stability of relationships.

The debate, which can be said to have existed for a long time now, was deepened by the confessions some Ghanaian men and women as published by a relationship expert, Lawrence Nana Bondzie, in February.

In most instances the cheating partners, especially the women, cited the inability of the lovers to satisfy them in bed.

I Suffer From Depression Which Triggers Suicidal Thoughts – Princess Shyngle

Not wanting to be one of such people, Princess Shyngle has chosen not to waste her time on any such unsatisfying relationship and she is advising you [ladies] to do same.

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The Gambian actress’ advise may sound too forward or even controversial but it definitely hits a chord if you consider almost every bunch of commercials you hear on radio or see on TV in Ghana these days includes a product promising to cure sexual weakness.

Moreover, Princess Shyngle has shied away from controversy during her stay in Ghana.

She was once reported to have stated she could go months without having an intercourse with a man because she satisfies herself with her toys.

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