Late Mfantseman MP begged his attackers to follow him home for money – Police

Mfantseman MP
Mfantseman MP

Late Mfantseman MP Ekow Kwansa-Hayford pleaded with armed robbers who attacked him to follow him to his house to receive monies they were demanding, the Police has disclosed.

Police prosecutors who arraigned the arrested suspects before court told the court that the robbers demanded money from the Mfantseman MP who then pleaded that he had run out of cash because he was just returning from a campaign trip therefore they should follow him home.

However, the plea did not convince the robbers as they shot him instantly.

Narrating the incidence to the court, Chief Inspector Seth Frimpong said Police had intel that robbers had mounted barriers at Abeadze—Dominase Mankesim road and were robbing unsuspecting travellers.

Rushing to the scene, they found some persons shot, with Ekow Hayford later identified as an MP for Mfantseman Constituency.

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Detailing how he got shot, the police noted that the Mitsubushi truck the MP and his company drove was shot, forcing it to grind to a halt after running into a ditch.

The robbers then surrounded the vehicle and demanded money while asking which of them was the MP. Ekow Hayford then identified himself as the MP.

“So they pounced on him and collected his Samsung galaxy 850 mobile phone and demanded money. The late MP told the robbers that he had used up all his money as he was returning from campaign tour. He, therefore, pleaded with them to take him to his house to give them money but they refused and shot him, killing him instantly,” Chief Insp. Frimpong told the court.

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