Lady who dislikes crowd holds her white wedding with only five guests

lady who dislikes crowd holds her white wedding with only five guests

While many people might be dreaming of having a lavish wedding with hundreds of guests in attendance, a Nigerian lady has broken away from the norm.

The woman identified as Olufola Jesufemi Opadiran recounted how she held a small lowkey wedding because she is not a fan of crowds.

In a post on her Facebook page on Dec 15, she revealed that he and her hubby tied the knot 6 months ago with only five guests at her white wedding.

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According to Olufola, she told her husband she didn’t want a loud wedding immediately they met.

The lady who went from being an extrovert to an introvert explained that being in a noisy environment hasn’t always been the best for her, noting that crowd stresses her.

Olufola stated that it was few months to their wedding that it dawned on her husband that she was serious about wanting a small wedding.

Sharing photos from the wedding day she wrote;

”Immediately I met my husband, I told him I don’t want a loud wedding. He thought I was joking and he didn’t take it seriously.

I’ve never dreamt about having a loud wedding with thousands or millions of people gathering together. It’s a personal thing.

I used to be an extrovert, but life happened and I became an introvert; withdrawn from the crowd and it turns out that crowd stresses me even till now.

Noisy environment isn’t the best for me. I get stressed emotionally and may break down.

A few months to our wedding, I brought it up again and this time with firmness. He realized I was serious about it and we started planning towards having a small wedding (so to say).

We will be six months in few weeks and I’m glad I met my husband.

These pictures down there show a small wedding. They had their wedding on low budget.

You don’t have to stress yourself because you also want to impress people (permit me to use this word because I realized many people only want to impress people kind of)

Plan your wedding well.

Pray more than you talk.

Work according to your budget.

I remember how at some point I was getting carried away; trying to be extravagant in my spending but my husband kept me in check (he deserves accolades even though I didn’t understand him then)

Don’t let the society define what “wedding” is for you, define it yourself!

Never allow the society define what happiness is for you, define that yourself!

My husband’s family were ready to spend.

My family as well, as the first daughter but I chose what I wanted and I stood by that.

I ensured no one tried to choose for me.

Don’t allow anyone to choose for you

If you feel pressurized by social media, shut down and take a break.

If you can afford it, that’s good but never subject yourself to unnecessary pressure.

We will all get it right and also, we will be fine.”

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